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Coming soon after I pass Part 107 of the FAA drone regulations.


I have one Emmy and one nomination for videography in broadcasting. I have the latest video equipment and computers to edit in Mac & PC. All digital, all the time. I can also convert your older formats to current tech. 


I have been cooking since I was 7.
I've discovered amazing lighting techniques for food design, and photography to make your restaurant shine on a plate.

My new business is just starting to take shape. This site is still in construction.

My primary focus will eventually be aerial photography. I have a SOLO 3DR drone and I use GoPro camera's for the best quality video.

I have an Emmy for TV news videography, and I have ben doing regular photography since I was 7 years old, over 50 years ago. I know all formats, B&W and color, digital, and I have a a complete line-up of all types of cameras from film to Nikon Digital. I use the correct format for the right way to conduct your job with perfection.

I also shoot/edit, direct, produce videos for you business, and I have a professional quality edit suite. Some video I can deliver same day, but I prefer to use desktop tools, however I have Android phone apps.

Ready to go high or low


Visuals by David Allen

I love to cook and I've been doing that almost as long as I've been doing photography.

I also have done over 125 restaurant reviews with photos using a variety of camera's and lighting techniques that will make your food outstanding on menu's or online.

Soft and succulent lighting is what I use via light-box and I never. ever use flash  unless it's an exterior shoot that needs a boost.

I have all the professional equipment to photograph your construction site, your restaurant food, video projects for Youtube commercials, local TV commercials, edit with Final Cut Pro on an iMac 27 PC. I am an excellent writer and can produce,, direct and edit your video project. I've travelled the world with video camera's to Alaska, Guatemala, Europe, and all over the USA. 


David Allen specializes in all types of photography from food, to nature, to aerial.

David Allen is an Emmy award winning photographer who covered volcanic eruptions from above in a UH-1H Huey helicopter. Now he has the latest technology.

Visuals by David Allen


Cairo, NY 12413 | info@eyeflight.biz | Tel: 646-256-3973 | Fax: -who uses that?

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